1More True Wireless Earbuds Which Pair You Should Buy?

By Tinh Lee, January 22, 2023
1more true wireless earbuds specs comparison

TWS earbuds' sound quality isn't greatly varied as they were first introduced it reaches the point where sound is generally good for for most people, and you definitely can find the pair suited for your taste. 

Basic features like Bluetooth connection and TWS tech is no longer needed for significant improvements, except that the latency. Now Audio companies start to implement new features to their products, one of which is spatial audio. So far aside from AirPods Pro, a lot of TWS earbuds from other brands have been shipped with spatial audio feature and head tracking technology for an immersive listening experience. Expectedly you will find a pair under brand 1MORE - the 1More Aero wireless earbuds - A brand is well-know for combining design, build quality, sound, noise cancellation and implementing advanced tech constantly. And if you are interested in this Brand for TWS they have a lot to offer. We've rounded up all 1More TWS and pointed out which pair is suited for your need. 

How we picked?
All 1More true wireless earbuds released in 2022
From budget to spatial audio earbuds, semi in-ear to sealed in ear.

1MORE PistonBuds Pro

1MORE PistonBuds Pro as its name indicates rugged design. The rock features 10mm dynamic driver, that deliver clear, detailed sound. Its companion App has 12 studio-grade EQ - like bass boost, vocal enhancement, classical, rock, popular, etc. 


1MORE ComfoBuds Mini

1MORE ComfoBuds Mini are the smallest pair of TWS earbuds you could buy from 1More. If you have really small ears, this pair will fit even for side sleepers. It has ACN, transparency mode and companion app (1MORE MUSIC app) with integrated with 30 natural soothing sounds like rain, streams, breeze, fores, etc., that helps you fall asleep easily. 


1MORE EVO - Best for sound

If you are looking for something else, perhaps sound quality the 1MORE EVO has something to offer - It has LDAC sound with support from 1DD+1BA driver configuration.  They sound balanced and full-bodied, mid-range is great while highs are pleasant to listen to (though bright too), the bass is extended to sub-bass - it weighs. And because of sub-mid, the EVO tends to sound warm. With LDAC codec enabled the sound will be better overall - you get wider soundstage and more details.


1More's first spatial audio earbuds

1More's first spatial audio earbuds with head tracking technology. It does a fairly good job for tracking your head movements for movies, but doesn't work well for music.


Comfortable semi fit in ear

1MORE Neo are 1More's budget TWs earbuds, they have semi-in-ear design with short stem and great battery life (up to 11 hours between charges)



Editor's Rating
Bluetooth version
Battery life
Rated up to 11.0 hours
Noise-Cancelling (ANC)
2 minutes