Originally LyreBeats was an audio brand founded in 2016, later in September 2021 it turned in tech website which covers Bluetooth codecs and others related to Bluetooth tech. At LyrBeats you can find compatible accessories for your devices, for example if your devices supports LDAC codec, then you'll be able to find compatible LDAC Bluetooth headphones for best audio experience. You can also make a comparison between products, not only do specs are included in comparison but also other factors like reviews, sound quality and comfort, pros and cons.

Lyrebeats logo

Here's the company's original profile:

"Our brand-new Bluetooth devices includes Bluetooth headphones, headsets and speakers. We also provide Bluetooth, GPS tracker, Bluetooth car kits. Our products are outsourced from reliable companies, specializing in audio equipment and Bluetooth modules.

LyreBeats was founded by a dedicated team with ambition to provide high quality products with reasonable prices.

Our long-term commitment is to develop and design versatile audio products for mobile users.

Recently with the boom of true wireless earbuds and wearables we also added new product categories into your website.

Not just LyreBeats products – we also add other companies’ products such into our website to let you know broader pictures about audio industry, new features and developments."

And our new commitment:

At LyreBeats we list thousands of Bluetooth products in different categories and inspect their Bluetooth codecs, specs, features and new technologies to see whether these aspects really contribute to product developments - like better sound quality, lower latency. 

We also list thousands of innovative products in novel ways, not boring specs that don't make sense. And the comparison feature allows you to compare product's codecs, specs and reviews.

At LyreBeats Store (under development) you can find a quality product that we outsource from reliable suppliers. 

We also point out should we merely rely on the spec or overall performance of product. 

The site was built on Drupal 9, we are committed to continuous improvement of the site. 

Our team:

Admin: Tinh Le - [email protected] (+84 968790666)

Quoc Nguyen (quocnht) - Senior Drupal Developer