Best Bluetooth Headphones For Working From Home

Looking for great Bluetooth headphones to WFH? These are LyreBeats' current top picks.

You start to work from home, the first day you have an online meeting, other persons from other ends notice background noises when you start to speak and that's how will realize how important to have a reliable, solid Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones for calls have mic with noise reduction technology, good sound, are comfortable to wear for long meeting, Sidetone feature would be a plus if you want to hear your own voice during communication, strong battery life and multipoint feature are other factors to consider if you have multiple devices.

The mic reduction tech has redefined the headphones (for listening to music) and headsets (for making calls). Now, headphones can offer call quality as good as professional headsets and some traditional headsets can offer sound quality as good as high-end Bluetooth headphones for listening to music. 

You have all viable options for tiny true wireless to big over ear can at a price range from $50 up to $250.

Lightweight true wireless

The AirPods Pro don't offer massive sound as over ear headphones but they are for those who like something simple and functional ANC. AirPods Pro have multipoint feature for Apple devices with the same iCloul account, that mean you can switch from a Zoom call on your iPhone to skype call on your Macbook Air. 


On ear Bluetooth headset with best range and battery life

Despite being lacking of ANC (it's trendy) the Jabra Evolve2 65 with integrated boom mic is comfortable to wear with on-ear style, and offer clear voice call quality.

ANC over ear Bluetooth headphones with solid call quality

The WH-1000XM3 doesn't stop being crown for best ANC over ear headphones. It's a great set for working from home too. It's multipoint supported, deliver excellent sound quality for both listening to music or making calls.

Budget pick for on ear Bluetooth headsets with boom mic

This is the cheapest pick option if you are looking for something that works. JLab Go Work's call performance is quite good, it also has 45 hours of battery life, multipoint, and comfortable fit. Not making calls the JLab Go Work sound goods for listening music with good bass and bright highs. 

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