5 Best Bluetooth Helmet Speakers in 2023

By Tinh Lee, September 6, 2023

There are a lot of options for listening to music while wearing helmet you can use a pair of true wireless earbuds, a portable Bluetooth speaker,  or a set of bluetooth motorcycle intercom systems & headsets. Actually there is a niche product specifically for helmet - Bluetooth helmet speaker, they are a pair of speaker attached to a cable (pretty much like the wired Bluetooth earbuds you got to see back to the old days before the advent of true wireless earbuds). It can be a intercom system (Sena and Cardo are two main brands), or a pair of TWS speakers or a pair of Bluetooth speakers with cable attaced to. All these are capable of pairing with your phones, however, the intercom system has a lot more features (such as the group intercom features and mesh connections) if you ride in a large group.

Wearing just helmet is quite boring - let it be more alive with Bluetooth helmet speaker.

I'm currently reviewing the others that I will add to this post soon. 

Note: this guide doesn't cover built-in speaker helmet. Standalone wired and wireless helmet speakers are more flexible and sound better than built-in speakers helmet. 

How we picked?
Helmet Size
How the speaker fits to your helmet.
Helmet Speaker Size (Fit and Comfort)
Check your helmet whether it haves room for drop-in speakers. Some speaker may be thick and you won't feel comfortable with it as they are rammed so hard, the face is also considered - if it has an ergonomic interface that would be nice since it won't hurt your ears.
Tips: You can increase comfort by installing inexpensive on-ear headphone pads on the face of speaker if you are not satisfied with the included pads. The newly installed pads can make a huge difference in sound quality as well as volume.
Sound quality
The drop-in speaker/headphone for helmet sound like on-ear headphones. But the experience is quite different since it's placed inside the helmet. Image you have your on-ear headphones in a room vs helmet.
Relialbe Bluetooth Connection
The helmet speakers sit pretty close to your phone.
Mic and noise filter technology
In order to have a quality voice call some helmet speaker integrate noise-cancelling microphones. These mics pick up your voice while ignoring (or filtering out) the background noise.
How do they fit in your helmet
Most people prefer drop-in speakers that they can fit in on both sides.
Wearing glove you may find it's is fiddly to hit the button. But there are models that the controls are much easier to find and use.

Wildhorn Alta Wireless Bluetooth for Ski/Snowboard Helmet

The Wildhorn Alta is comfortable to wear, the wired attached to two speakers (earfuls) is pretty durable. It has the average audio quality it's clear though- however if compared to the basic set of headphones like JBL Tune 510BT - the on ear model the Wildhorn Alta lacks in bass . It's advertised for skiing and snowboarding and feature large buttons for easy control.

The Real Intercom

To level up your communication on the road the Sena is the best choice. 

The Sena sound loud enough even you are wearing earplugs to muffle out background noise like wind or roadway noise. 

The control stick just outside of the helmet is intituve and the layout button make it easy for riders to interact with - like take calls or skip tracks. 

The Sena does sound good for calls and has no connectivity issues, the mic filters the noise so well that the other end wouldn't notice you're riding. ). Whe it comes to voice commands it's paired with your phone via Bluetooth and it's really handy to other riders in your team that you're only a few minutes away from them. However the Sena is just water-resistant. 


The Intercom That Sounds Loud

If you like something louder go for the Cardo. The Cardo Spirit costs around around $100, it comes with 32mm speakers. The Blueototh connection is rock solid and the sound elevates the bass (it does sound superior than Sena) is there but not that rumbling, for me it's fine for such thing in under my helmet. 

If you wear earplugs the sound becomes "softer" and feels more bassy I mean the harsh reduced a bit and the Spirit is still able to rock. The Spirit also has a great battery life - that will last for your entire journey. 

Likes other Cardo units, the Sprit is waterproof, allowing you to ride in the rain and maintain the communication. 


A Pair of True Wireless Speakers

Dealing with a lot of cable in the intercom may be curbersome. A pair of TWS speakers is simple and easy to drop in your helmet. And the Outdoor Tech - Chips Ultra 2.0 (its predecessor is 1.0 have the same audio quality, 40mm driver and IPX5 rating) has fast charging feature and longer case better life. 


Unigear Bombing Ski does the job for listening to music and provide enough isolation.The only pros is it doesn't come with a charging case, just the cable for charging. And you may find it a bit bulky with 40mm driver and too thick. So check your helmet to see whether it has room to accomodate the Unigear.

Final thoughts

Wearing a helment limits you from some activities and a Bluetooth helmet speaker is a relief adding more features like taking calls, listeing to music, and Google Map Voice Guidance. And depending on your need, a Drop-in speakers may be good to go or if you need to communicate with others a intercom system is better. Sometimes while you ride it's raining so pick the one with waterproof feature. 

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