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The next gen of true wireless earbuds that last enough for a long-haul flight will be soon released with Bluetooth LE Audio or the most recent audio codec LC3 and Ultra-low energy processor. So currently there hasn’t been Bose Quiet Comfort 35II that can last up to 20 hours yet for TWS but we have more options. And active noise cancelling TWS's batter life now could last longer than 5 hours.

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Looking for great Bluetooth headphones to WFH? These are LyreBeats' current top picks.

You start to work from home, the first day you have an online meeting, other persons from other ends notice background noises when you start to speak and that's how will realize how important to have a reliable, solid Bluetooth headphones.

You have a great pair of IEMs and sometimes you want to discard the cable, these adapters provide a solution whether you have MMXC or 2-pin connector IEMs. They come in form of attachments to IEMs and go over your ears. 

Note that unlike Shure Aonic 215 that provide the seamless experience for Shure 215 IEMs, these adapters may produce some hiss sound when pair with your IEMs because they are not generally configured to specific models. 

This post we focus on multipoint Bluetooth earbuds for every day user (for calls, listening to music, podcast and watching video) rather than for sports.

Multipoint is the feature that allows Bluetooth earbuds connect with your phones, tablet, laptops at the same time, but it is limited to just 2 devices at a time – one for music listening and the other for taking calls – HFP (Hand-Free Profile)/HSP (Headset-Profile).

Not only do these hybrid wearable speaker-neckband headphones sound good, but they offer good call quality. Some even come with a pair of earbuds attached for listening to music privately. You can also use it for watching TV and other physical activities like jogging or walking. The latest Sony SRS-NS7 even offer 3D-sound experience, also called cinema-like sound that surrounds you from the film or video you're watching

These gaming TWS earbuds will fix gaming audio lag - often audio you hear on your earbuds chasing after what’s on the screen.

Minimizing the audio lag (latency) means you’re hearing with what is on the screen, and 60ms is a standard latency that gaming earbuds should have. 

Over ear ANC Bluetooth headphones are still highly present in the professional and the mainstream markets. Lower-end models priced under $50 become cheaper and higher-end models become more expensive (like $500 Airpods Max). Their design has not been changed much, basically major parts are earcups, paddings and foldable design and adjustable headband.