Best Wireless Over Ear Headphones For Glasses Wearers

By Tinh Lee, September 7, 2023

True wireless earbuds fit comfortably for any glasses wearers since the eyeglass frames don't interfere. Yet for over-ear headphones it's a different story. It's freaking bad if you wear headphones that have a strong clamping force - it's a pain.

Beyond excellent sound quality, wireless over ear headphones have a lot of features like sound quality/and noise cancellation - the features a glasses wearers like you always crave for - listening music for a long sessions, playing game or watching movies.

And fortunately you could always find some glasses-friendly headphones that you don't even have to wear the glasses arms above their ear cups.

Let your glasses be straight as normal, here are top wireless Bluetooth over ear headphones you could buy.

How we picked?
Earcup Design.
It's flexible both vertically and horizontally, so you can adjust it on your glass frames. Larger Earcups are also great since they prevent some contact with the glasses arms, which is not only good for comfort but also for keeping glasses intact.
We prefer thick dadding, since it's able to wrap around the frames and still provide a good seal around the ears. Together with the thickness, if the padding that is soft, or extremely pliable (it goes around the glass frames as best as possible, minimizing the gap between the pad and your head) will allow the the headphone fit right and provide noise isolation.
Clamping Force
High clamping force cause discomfort since it pushes the frames into the skull. If you have thin flames the force may be less but generally avoid the once with high clamping force.

Most comfortable headphones for glasses wearers

The Momentum Wireless 3 has everything glasses wearers need. How they fit on your ear over the glasses arms is exactly the same as without glasses. They also top in many criteria like sound quality and noise isolation. The Momentum Wireless 3 has balanced sound profile thanks to its 42mm driver unit and Qualcomm Bluetooth chipset. The noise isolation is enhanced with right clamping force and soft padding. 

A few users report that they hear the creaking/rubbery noises possibly caused by padding and glass frames when they move around. However it comes from the loosen fit between earcup and headphones - you can tighten the ring to fix that.


The Sony WH-1000XM4 have large earcup, thick and soft padding, and the resonable clamping forces. The three criteria make it not uncomfortable at all for glasses wearers. It even feels a bit more comfortable than Momentum 3 wireless.

Howver, a gap created between frames and paddings leads to sound bleeding and less effiect ANC performance. 


The good thing about Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 is its super soft earcup material and the padding conforms well to the frames, leaving no pressure points.


If you look for cheaper alternatives, the Soundcore Q30 (the can I bought a couple of months ago) they do sound good with effective ANC. Though they are less comfortable than Bose Headphones 700. 


If you look for the top Noise Cancelling Performers, the QC45 is an excellent set - it also sound great for music and call. 


BOSE QuietComfort 45

Editor's Rating
Bluetooth version
Battery life
Rated up to 24.0 hours
Noise-Cancelling (ANC)
BOSE QuietComfort 45 doesn't have new features compared to is predecessor, the only thing that is quite new is Bose’s aware mode that will soften the harsh sounds in the environment, and ensure you have conversations as usual with anyone.
Comfortable fit
Outstanding noise cancellation
Excellent transparency mode
May experience improper fit

JLAB STUDIO PRO are affordable over ear wireless headphones. They sound quite good and is comfortable to wear even you have have thick frames. However for movie watching you could notice a latency (the delay between what you see and what you hear on screen).

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