Bluetooth Speakerphone Buying Guide

By Tinh Lee, 2 September, 2021
Bluetooth Speakerphone Buying Guide

Most speakerphones' sound is configured to focus on mid-range (human voice frequency range) so they don't sound like regular Bluetooth speakers for listening to music. If you are working from home and doing a lot of conference calls, a speaker phone would be perfectly suited. 

There are just a few factors to consider before buying a Bluetooth speakerphone.

It should sound clear and loud

Whether you plan to use it for a meeting in office or at home, they should sound "loud", more people will need more volume speaker.

The speaker can pick up voices anywhere for up to twelve people

Up to 6 mics six mics arranged in a 360-degree array, so they are able to pick up your voice from any directions. 

Microphone performance

Aside from how many mics are built-in the speakerphone, how the voice captured and processed is equally important, which will define the mic performance. 

Battery life

This is the least important but the speakerphone should last at least 5 hours for calls. 

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