Buying tips: Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

By Tinh Lee, September 5, 2021
How to pick Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Compared to other type of headphones, the over-ear cans have biggest sound, most powerful bass, most effective ANC, but they can do a lot more than just cancel noise. Which can is perfect for you? Here's our guide.

Active Noise Cancelling Performance

This is the most important, must-have feature, Bose and Sony offer best ANC Bluetooth cans, if you find them equally effective, you may look to compare their sound, and other features to decide.  At LyreBeats we make it easy for you to compare thousands of Bluetooth headphones with all possible included specs,  features, and reviews.

Noise cancelling levels

Premium ANC cans can let you decide how much noise, ambient sound you want to hear. This feature is configured differently on models and each offer different NC levels, some offer 3 levels other do 11 levels. You can manually adjust the level either on app or touch control, or the headphones automatically adjust accordingly to the environment they monitor. It comes handy when you want to chat with a noisy environment, the ANC can will enhance the conversation and block out background noise

Voice control

Voice command control is ubiquitous today, from Siri, Google Assistant to Amazon Alexa, the headphone is a medium to trigger these control and the way you interact with these voice assistants. 

Call Quality

Call quality is largely depending on the mic array and voice-processing technology behind, which works to enhance user's voice. In order to deliver the crystal clear calls, noises should be isolated. 

Sound quality

Bluetooth sound is compressed and during the process of compression and decoding it losses some quality, but the day they have CD-like quality is coming. Recently Qualcomm introduce AptX lossless we expect that Bluetooth audio will be even better. 

Touch or button controls

You like clicking a button or just tap. Tapping won't produce clicking sound but touch control may be not responsive, but smooth experience is a key factor when you interact with your headphone. 

Finding your perfect fit

You travel a lot, you have a lot of calls in office, spending a few hour watching movies at home, you need a can for your working out there is always a best suited can for you out there. 

Battery life

Most over ear Bluetooth can last long-haul flight. So this should be a minor factor, but you can prefer longer lasting battery life up to 60 hours. Quick charging feature will be the future, it can provide up to 5 hours of battery life or more on a 5-minute charge.

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