Truly Wireless

With recent developments in Bluetooth chipsets and Bluetooth technology, true wireless earbuds became ubiquitous are now mature products. 

Aside from ANC, transparency mode, and professional call quality, companies now are trying to add the surround sound features to their true wireless earbuds (Apples with Spatial Audio, Sony with 360 Reality Audio and Samsung with 360 Audio) this will definitely bring more immersive audio experience to users. But the bitrate which is defined as the amount of audio data transferred per second is still important and it relies on codecs being used. 

Feature TWS are not limited for listening to music they could be a medical device to track your heart rate or even blood glucose levels.

We listed totally (230) true wireless earbuds. 

Detailed Question

It seems like this company wants to make something like AirPods Pro. How are they rated for sound quality, ANC performance, build quality and other features like touch control (is it responsive), ambient sound mode and call quality.


I haven't tested the BKAV AIRB PRO yet. But I think they will sound quite good, since given the popular of TWS with stem, it's easy to learn (figure out) which housing design and driver size (of course it's a dynamic driver) to deliver best sound quality. We've seen a lot of company trying to make AirPods clones and they got some success. Other features like ANC depends a lot on the fit, I'm also interested in call quality performance and how nature the ambient sound is.  

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