Truly Wireless

With recent developments in Bluetooth chipsets and Bluetooth technology, true wireless earbuds became ubiquitous are now mature products. 

Aside from ANC, transparency mode, and professional call quality, companies now are trying to add the surround sound features to their true wireless earbuds (Apples with Spatial Audio, Sony with 360 Reality Audio and Samsung with 360 Audio) this will definitely bring more immersive audio experience to users. But the bitrate which is defined as the amount of audio data transferred per second is still important and it relies on codecs being used. 

Future TWS are not limited just for listening to music they could be a medical device to track your heart rate or even blood glucose levels.

We collected data from user reviews and specs and rounded up best wireless earbuds for different use cases and we could figure out that a single tech item can be used in a lot of different scenario. 

Five Best Wireless Earbuds With Ear Hooks - the particular design that sports enthusiasts love.

10 Spatial Audio Wireless Earbuds That Deliver Excellent Surround Sound - Though it's not a w.o.wing feature, but certainly they do have sound effects that you've never experienced.

10 Best Invisible Earbuds in 2023 - Small earbuds when you wear nobody notice it.

10 Best stem wireless earbuds - This kind of long stem earbuds transformed from the wired earbuds dated back to ten years (or more) ago. 

Best Wireless Earbuds For Sleeping - if you are side sleepers, and want to listen to some deep music before bedtime.

Five Gaming True Wireless Earbuds With Ultra Low Latency - Latency can be minimized with a dongle or by implementing the latest codec.

Best Open Wireless Earbuds - Still aware of surroundings while listening to your favorite tracks. 

Wireless earbuds for heavy metal - The music genre that require dynamic driver earbuds to live it up.

We listed totally (401) true wireless earbuds. You can check for codec, Bluetooth version, and other specs.