Choosing Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

By Tinh Lee, December 7, 2021

There is always a Bluetooth speaker for your need. For use at home, for portable use or both, how loud you want them to be if you host a small party, is 3D sound necessary, indoor or outdoor listening? 

With latest Bluetooth chipset development Bluetooth speakers now have longer lasting battery life, rock-solid Bluetooth connection and better sound quality. But if you ever search with keyword "Bluetooth speakers", so many... which type of Bluetooth speaker is right for you?

Before you buy you should know some kinds of Bluetooth speakers.

Portable speakers

Before the age of smartphones, the portable speakers were not popular. 

I remembered the first time when I went to a beach near my hometown with my smartphone and a Bluetooth speaker it's super easy to set up to play music.

Portable speakers are supposedly to be used with smartphones, of course they can do with your laptop or other devices, but I think their main purpose is for listening music on the go with smartphones.

Portable speakers have a sub-category called ultra portable Bluetooth speakers (or portable mini speakers) they weigh from 100 to 200 grams and their width and height are almost equal to smartphones'. This kind of speaker is the most portable form of Bluetooth speakers and it can work as a speakerphone for calls or meetings. These pocket-sized Bluetooth speakers only have 3W power driver, but they can be clipped onto a backpack, bicycle or stuffed in your pockets.

Ultra portable speakers definitely sound better than phone's speaker, and they can be used for calls. 

Large portable speakers will larger drivers will sound louder and more powerful. 

Bluetooth Soundbars

You realize that TV's speakers have limitations, they wont' provide the sound as good as some Bluetooth soundbars. It's quite easy to set up a soundbar system with your TV, it could come with subwoofer for more immersive experience. 

A lot of video streaming apps allow your to play the content from your smartphones on TV, that's great then you can pair your phone with the soundbar and choose what you want to see on the screen. 

Stationary Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth soundbars are only used at home, but we also have another type of Bluetooth speakers for home use and they are anchored to desktop (computer system) and they got a name "Static Bluetooth speakers", "stationary bluetooth speakers". It also depends on where you place them so they can be called bookshelf speakers if they're small enough to fit on a bookshelf.

They support Bluetooth often have two channels some even come with a subwoofer. Occassionally, you can pair your phones with these speakers for music, they are much more powerful than portable speakers. 

Party Bluetooth speakers

If you often hold a party for a group, it's worth to invest on a party speaker. They are not really portable (weigh 5 kg and up to 10 kg) but you can move them around, they are not suitable to anchor to specific places like stationary Bluetooth speakers in your house but a outdoor party or any themes related to joy and cheer.

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Multiroom Wireless Speaker System

You have a few rooms in your house and each one you want to place a speaker, setting up a wired speaker system can be complicated, but with Multiroom Wireless Speaker it's easy. All of them can play music wirelessly from your phone, even not on the same track, meaning you can pick the track for specific room.  

When you know the right Bluetooth speakers, you will look further for tech and features.

Most portable speakers have mic and if they are smart speakers you can listen what's happing in your home, that's frightening if hackers can access to your WIFI system and track you.

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