Five Gaming True Wireless Earbuds With Ultra Low Latency

By Tinh Lee, September 10, 2021
Gaming True wireless earbuds with lowest latency

September, 2023 - Earbuds never sound better than over ear can headsets in term of audio immersion that leads to better gaming experience. But for an average mobile gamer, a good pair of gaming TWS earbuds would be good, they are comfortable to wear, sound good and most importantly have ultra-low latency. 

These gaming TWS earbuds will fix gaming audio lag - often audio you hear on your earbuds chasing after what’s on the screen.

Minimizing the audio lag (latency) means you’re hearing with what is on the screen, and 60ms is a standard latency that gaming earbuds should have. 

For gaming it's not just about latency, it's also about the staging and imaging. Some pair of earbuds do quite good for staging and imaging - so you know your are in the middle of nowhere in the game and where the sound come from. 

Multipoint feature is not yet available for gaming earbuds but an included USB-C dongle can be a quick fix (for example, Edifier HECATE GX07).

Call quality would be improved with more mic built-in, so if you need to voice chat with your teammates while playing online games, pick the earbuds having more built-in mics. 

How we picked?
We measure Bluetooth latency
We used an app that measures the difference between the amount of time for sound signal from phone to reach Bluetooth headphones and to phone's speakers.
Bluetooth stability
The Bluetooth connection should be rock-solid for gaming earbuds.
Most brands have their own signature design for their gaming headsets (or true wireless) and this may depend on your preferences.
Wireless earbuds dongles
A dongle can be good, it is compatible with PC, Consoles, phones, tablets...and it provides 2.4GHz high-speed wireless connection with <30ms low latency.

Edifier HECATE GM5

Editor's Rating
Bottom Line
The open-style earbuds aren't good for bass, but with lowest latency, the Edifier HECATE GM5 secures the audio experience while playing mobile games.
Bluetooth version
Battery life
Rated up to 8.0 hours


Editor's Rating
Bottom Line
These affordable earbuds offers balanced sounding profile for gaming, added a bit spatial details and low-latency which is as low as 45ms.
Bluetooth version
Battery life
Rated up to 8.0 hours
Noise-Cancelling (ANC)
Comfortable fit
Well-balanced sound

Earbuds with dongle to enhance wireless connection

Using the dongle with LC3 support you can really enjoy your game without the latency . The Soundcore VR P10 sounds dynamic which enhances some footsteps and other sound effects. The multipoint support is a plus, allowing you to talking on phone while game sounds are going on.

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