How To Buy A Pair of Bluetooth Audio Glasses and Sunglasses

By Tinh Lee, 31 August, 2021
 Bluetooth Audio Glasses and Sunglasses buying guide

Headphones or earbuds worn with a glasses may seem a lot for some people, and Bluetooth audio glasses were made to combine these two. 

Since they are connected with your phone via Bluetooth so you can use it to take calls and listen to music just like Bluetooth earbuds. 

Audio sunglasses have small speakers that are not powerful enough to live up the music, but functionally they work. Depending on speaker's size, direction and position you get varied sound quality. Some audio sunglasses come with bone conduction tech, but they deliver the sound even worse than driver speakers.

How to describe sound from this type of glasses - you bought a pair of un-sealed earbuds and place them 5-10cm away from your ears and play some music, that you will find out how they sound. But hey, if you listen to podcasts, talk shows or audio book, that would be fine. 

Aside from sound and call quality, design, battery life and IPX ratings are other factors you should consider. 

Lastly, the recently released Ray-Ban Stories shows that glasses are able to capture the moments of your life and sharing on social network like Facebook, Instagram and more. 

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