Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones - Top performers

Over ear ANC Bluetooth headphones are still highly present in the professional and the mainstream markets. Lower-end models priced under $50 become cheaper and higher-end models become more expensive (like $500 Airpods Max). Their design has not been changed much, basically major parts are earcups, paddings and foldable design and adjustable headband. However, they are varied in what their parts are made off, such as plastic or stainless steel.

In terms of ANC and wireless tech, a lot of things have been changed and implemented to latest models. Basic sets support the Bluetooth 4.0 and are fixed to a single ANC mode, expensive ones support Bluetooth 5.0 and more advanced ANC tech and offer different noise reduction levels. And transparency mode become an essential plug in of ANC feature. 

Are you looking for a standard or high-end? Here are GadgetsLab's current top picks.

Soundcore Life Q20

Soundcore Life Q20
Bluetooth version
The Soundcore Life Q20's ANC performance is pretty standard, just average compared with top pairs.
The Soundcore Life Q20 focuses much on bass and with decent treble this can is no difference from the rest, but the balanced, pronounced mid saves it from being worse can of heavy bass headphone.
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