Portable, Mini, Handheld Bluetooth Projector Buying Guide

Way to entertain yourself on your outdoor camping

Portable projectors are great for your camping, backyard or even in your bed room. They have built-built in battery allow you to enjoy the longest movies (to your reference the “Cleopatra” (1963)'s running time was 248 minutes) without plugging in. They may have a speakers so while you stream popular video apps you don't have to connect it to external speakers.

When used outdoor, the portable speakers won't have the brightness level that home theater projectors have. And you could wish it having a longer battery life and better resolution. 

Here is our latest guide for picking portable projectors.


Since you use your projector for outdoor, it's not possible to control the ambient light. So the brightness should be enough to use. The brightness is measured by the overall amount of light output by a projector as ANSI lm unit, the higher the better.

Image quality

The image quality relies on the technology, light source, and optical elements in the lens of the projector. Most portable projectors use DLP (Digital Light Processing) tech, which delivers good images. 

Projection size

Increasing the projection size your image will be getting dimmer. Portable projectors often have maximum size of 100 inches. If they offer larger projection size, you may get larger optimal projection size. 


You can get a coffee mug size for a projector, that's great for your outdoor trip.

Bluetooth speaker function

A portable projectors that can double as Bluetooth speaker is a plus. This reduces the items you need to pack when you have a camping trip. 

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