Seven Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker Microphone

By Tinh Lee, September 6, 2021
Buying A Karaoke Bluetooth Speaker Microphone

Singing karaoke is fun and a way to relieve tress, and now with advance in wireless and sound processing technology (a.k.a DSP - Digital Signal Processing) you don't have to set up complicated karaoke system, with just your phone and a Bluetooth speaker microphone, you're set to a karaoke session. But a speaker microphone does more than just singing, here are a few things you should know before buying a set. 

1. How it works?

Karaoke speaker microphone as its name indicated, integrates a microphone and Bluetooth speaker. When connected to your phone, the Bluetooth speaker will play music tracks, as you sing your voice is picked up by mic and processed to output to speaker.

There is an available 3.5mm port allows you to plug another headphone to listen your own voice and music while singing. 

If your phones are connected to other Bluetooth speakers, your voice can't be output those speakers.

Aside from mic and speaker, the most important part of microphone is the audio processing chip to amplify sound signal and filter out the "noise" like high pitch noise. Sound effect is also a nice feature to make your singing more fun.

2. Speaker power

Larger, and higher power speaker will sound louder. 

3. Dual speaker

You will pick 2×5W or 1× 8W speaker microphone, surrounding sound effect is better with 2 speakers than single-unit speaker, but more power and larger driver speaker also mean they sound louder and offer more bass. These speakers are located on the side or the bottom of the device.

4. Dual Pairing for Duet Mode 

Dual Pairing for Duet Mode

Two mics can connect with your phone simultaneously so you and your partner can sing a same song together.

5. Battery life

Speaker Mic can last from 3 to 6 hours between charges.

6. Works as a Bluetooth speaker

So you can listen to music or take phone calls. 

7. Work as a recorder.

Some karaoke microphones can record your voice and save the audio recording to your phone, meaning they can work as a recorder. 

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