Ultimate Bluetooth Party Speaker Buying Guide

By Tinh Lee, September 23, 2021
Ultimate Bluetooth Party Speaker Buying Guide

Preparing for your next parties, here are a few things you should know before buying a Bluetooth party speaker.

Bluetooth speakers for parties are sturdy and heavy. 

The LG XBOOM 360 RP4, for instance, measure 250 x 514 x 250mm and weighs 5.8 kilograms. But they are powerful, having 120W of power to drive its 5.25-inch woofer and 2-inch horn tweeter.

They have strong bass

These speakers aren't designed to sound accurately across all ranges, they add more bass both quality and intensity. 

They offer music-synced light shows

The flashing lights dance with the music you dance, it's interesting. Some even offer gesture-activated sound effects.

They are loud

They may sound 5 times louder than portable speakers like Soundcore Flare+.

The have inputs for external microphones (for singing karaoke)

Make your parties more fun if someone can sing. 

They are battery-powered

Depending on the volume, some Bluetooth speakers can play up to 10 hours continuously. 

They are water-proof to service splashes or light rain

Check the place you are going to use the speaker, is it humid or near by pools you should get higher IPX rating speakers. 

They can connect with a lot compatible Bluetooth speakers via connect Apps

Your are not limited to a single Bluetooth speakers at parties, you can set up two or more compatible Bluetooth speakers so the setup can accomodate more people.

Bluetooth codecs don't matter

It's true for large Bluetooth speakers, their performance depends on drivers and speakers design, rather technically depends on the codec. 

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