Wearable Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

By Tinh Lee, September 4, 2021
Wearable Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

Wearing Bluetooth earbuds or full size headphones can make you feel isolated from the surrounding. Bluetooth speakers are great but it's room filling sound. The Bluetooth speakers that you wear on your neck (a.k.a neckband speaker, wearable speaker), brings together a range of technologies to produce music which envelops you in interesting neck-to-ear sound. And you can bring the "sound" everywhere with you while cooking or doing household work, neatly right?

Buying a wearable Bluetooth speakers is just like regular portable speakers and they come with small size like neckband headphones or as large as travel pillows.  

They are Bluetooth connected with your phones and supported with codecs which is synced with sound quality. Some sound louder than other depending on the built-in speaker. 

A wearable Bluetooth speaker can last up to 10 hours for listening music or watching movies, but they also come shorter playing time, say 4 or 5 hours. 

You may also want to use it for call, pick the one with noise reduction tech, to filter out the ambient noise interfering your voice. 

More headphones and Bluetooth speakers offer so called, cinema-like sound experience, this latest tech has been implemented in the Sony SRS-NS7 wearable speaker, ultimately users want to hear the track reproduction as how it's created - like they're there where the music was recorded. 

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